Manage your business with joy.

You may struggle to fill out the taxes the right way, and to get all the deductions you are entitled to. Or you may end up annoyed and confused with the IRS, after waiting for hours on the line to speak with them (you can’t believe that your call is very important to them). Or you may have issues making sense of your bookkeeping and payroll. Thus, you lose precious time and get a headache with these boring and annoying details, instead of doing what you love to do: running your business and making money by doing what you are best at. We can help you with that, because we love to do what you hate. We will help you choose the right form of entity, process payroll, file your personal or business taxes, call the IRS or state on your behalf, review or prepare your bookkeeping.

Most medium and small size businesses use QuickBooks, because they say it is one of the best and easiest accounting software out there. Does it seem easy to you?! You may not find the right buttons, or press them in the wrong order, you may not know how to print the invoice, or adjust the forms or which version is the best for your company. Thus, you may hate it. However, we love QuickBooks for business accounting, and we can help you figure out all the QuickBooks related issues, so it would indeed become easy, as you would wish it to be. As a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, we are trained, tested, and recognized by Intuit. You can trust that we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure you’re using the right QuickBooks product for your business and to help you get the most from it. Have a question about how to enter a transaction, want to customize a form? We’re on it.

Many struggle with the IRS. You would like to delegate the IRS related issues to someone from your company. However, you may not do it, because it might be some confidential information or a complex case that you will hesitate to give it to your employee, instead giving your burden to a specialist. IRS works with federally licensed tax practitioners. Enrolled Agents are the  federally licensed tax practitioners who have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers with the Internal Revenue Service from a basic filing to a complete audit. We have this elite status. Which means you can trust that we’ll keep you compliant with the IRS every step of the way!